Mass April 26 - From above the St. Denis Parking Lot

Fr. Michael will celebrate Mass this Sunday at 10:30 AM for parishioners to attend while in their cars in the St. Denis parking lot. Your cooperation will be helpful in making this a success, so please read this note carefully. 

Long story short, Mass will be celebrated inside a window where you can watch, and you can be outside in your cars, listening on the radio, following spatial distancing precautions. This is currently the best arrangement we have come up with to facilitate your physical presence at Mass

We have a small sanctuary set up that is visible in the second-story window above the main entrance to Saint Denis. The audio will be broadcast on FM 89.5

Please enter the parking lot from the Oak Street entrance, and follow the directions of our parking lot attendants.  We do request that you remain in your cars so that everyone can maintain healthy distancing precautions. 

While this arrangement does allow for your physical participation at Mass rather than virtual, we will not be distributing communion. While we should never lose the desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, please remember that the primary purpose of Mass is to glorify God. This gives us all an opportunity to focus on how we give to God and what it means glorify him in our worship.  The disciples who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus realized that their hearts were burning within them when Jesus explained the Scriptures to them.  Each of us also can be nourished by the Word of God received at Mass. 

We are coordinating with the Green Bay Diocese and The Shiocton Police and have received exceptional permission to try this once. We want this to be carried out well, so that we don’t hinder the potential to continue this arrangement in the future.  We encourage your patience with us and with each other, as we all try something new. 

Keep in mind that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still in place, and attendance at this Mass is not required. If you prefer to pray privately at home or to watch a virtual Mass (i.e. local channel 5 with Bishop Ricken) that is still a good option for personal prayer. 


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