Bulletin Article 10/13/19

Invitation to Weekday Mass - Loving the Sacramental Life of the Church 

I love celebrating weekday Masses. These Masses are usually a little simpler and quieter than Sunday masses, and take me about a half hour to celebrate. There is usually less singing and no Gloria, Second Reading, or Creed. Having the chance to celebrate simply on weekdays makes the Sunday celebration special because Sundays become significantly elevated in its grandeur and splendor. It truly is a delight to pray with you on Sundays. However, as an invitation to grow your love of the sacramental life of the Church, let me invite you to consider occasionally attending a weekday Mass. 

Since I arrived in July, I have been testing out different times to see when would be convenient for the most people to attend. It was also important to discuss the options with both St Denis and St. Denis and St. Patrick Pastoral Councils. We hope that the evening and early morning timeslots will give you the opportunity to attend on your way to or from work or school. Beginning Monday October 14 here is the regular daily Mass schedule:

Monday 6pm at St Denis

Tuesday 6pm at St Denis

Wednesday 6pm at St Denis

Thursday 6:30am at St. Patrick

Saturday 9am at St Patrick

I will try this schedule from now through Christmas and assess this schedule again at this point. 

It is worth noting that these are meant to help soter a deeper faith life for each of us, but are not meant to replace our faithful participation at Sunday Mass. Attending daily Mass is a excellent way to grow our love for the Sacramental life of the Church. 

-Fr. Michael Thiel