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Bulletin Article 9/29/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Here comes the Holy Spirit - Loving the Sacramental Life of the Church 

As the weather has started to cool down from the summer, I have noticed a few extra bugs in Church. We certainly don’t have an infestation, but if you look around, you will notice them there. ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 9/22/19

Posted by Paula Helms

The Treasures of the Church  - Growing in Community

 Persecution was a daily reality for third-century Christians in Rome. In 258, the Emperor Valerian issued an edict commanding that all bishops, priests, and deacons should be put to death, and he gave the Imperial treasury power to confiscate all ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 9/15/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Some areas I’ve noticed I could use help - Growing as Community

I love being able to serve as the priest at St Denis and St Patrick parishes. One aspect of both parishes that I have appreciated is seeing when there are projects that need to be taken care of, ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 9/8/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Listening to Sophia Pray - Desire to Pray

 In 2012 I met Ryan and Beth, the parents of a family who I became good friends with. At the time their daughter Sophia was turning 2 years old and their son Nathaniel was about to be born. About once a ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 9/1/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Articulating Intentions - Forming Faith Filled Families

 A few years ago Nate and I went backpacking together. As we walked and talked, we realized that each of us had a lot of things that we wanted to pray for. Both of us were seminarians studying to be priests, so ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 8/25/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Ask me Questions - Growing in Community 

 One aspect about me that you may not know is that I am an introvert. Now, I enjoy spending time with people and have appreciated getting to know so may of you, but my true rest comes from quiet, peaceful time. One ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 8/18/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Mass on Vacation - Loving the Sacramental Life of the Church 

 My immediate family has not had the opportunity to go on vacation together since I began college, 11 years ago, So this past Christmas my family decided that wanted to try to go on vacation this year together. ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 8/11/19

Posted by Paula Helms

One of the most enlightening conversations I have had as a priest included me being asked the question “What do you want the students being prepared for Confirmation to know when they get confirmed?” I responded, “I want them to love the Sacramental life of the Church, to desire ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 8/4/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Being Missionary with our Support 

 I was glad to have Fr. Jerry Hogan, the National Circus Chaplain, with us last weekend. Often when I think about missionary work, I think about foreign countries or poor neighborhoods. Fr. Jerry’s witness helped enlighten the reality that often mission work can be ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 7/28/19

Posted by Paula Helms

Introducing our Coordinator of Faith Formation and Parish Discipleship: Cassandra Kowaleski

In spring, after I learned that I would be coming to Saint Denis and Saint Patrick this summer, one of the early surprises I encountered was the news that Deacon Ken planned to let your former faith formation ... Read More »