Bulletin Article 10/6/19

Invitation to Parish Meetings - Desire Greatness

When I was growing up, I remember Sr. Pam teaching me that we can never be perfect but we can always strive for excellence. I desire for St. Denis and St. Patrick to be excellent parishes and want to help lead these communities in the striving. A part of striving for excellence is to be able to set several specific, attainable goals so that we know what to strive for and are not walking blindly. I am beginning to put a team together for Parish Mission Planning to look at the strengths and needs of the parishes so that any goals aren’t just from my thoughts or any one person’s, but truly fit the unique identities of St Denis and St. Patrick. 

As a part of collecting input for goal setting, it is important to have the opportunity to hear from many parishioners as well. This October as a part of each parish annual meeting I hope to hear from many parishioners on what you see as the strengths and needs of St. Denis and St Patrick. It would be great to hear your thoughts on how you describe Sunday Mass, faith formation opportunities, our facilities as well as what you see as important to the identity of each unique parish. 

I hope that you too desire St. Denis and St. Patrick to be great parishes. I value your input as a vital piece of forming goals to help these parishes strive for excellence. With that in mind, I invite you to attend your parish annual meeting.

St. Denis - Sunday, October 13 - after the 10:30 am Mass

St. Patrick - Sunday, October 27 - after the 8:30 am Mass

-Fr. Michael Thiel