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Bulletin Article 8/11/19

Posted by Liz Lefeber

One of the most enlightening conversations I have had as a priest included me being asked the question “What do you want the students being prepared for Confirmation to know when they get confirmed?” I responded, “I want them to love the Sacramental life of the Church, to desire ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 8/4/19

Posted by Liz Lefeber

Being Missionary with our Support 

 I was glad to have Fr. Jerry Hogan, the National Circus Chaplain, with us last weekend. Often when I think about missionary work, I think about foreign countries or poor neighborhoods. Fr. Jerry’s witness helped enlighten the reality that often mission work can be ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 7/28/19

Posted by Liz Lefeber

Introducing our Coordinator of Faith Formation and Parish Discipleship: Cassandra Kowaleski

In spring, after I learned that I would be coming to Saint Denis and Saint Patrick this summer, one of the early surprises I encountered was the news that Deacon Ken planned to let your former faith formation ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 7/21/19

Posted by Liz Lefeber

Love the Sacramental life of the Church - going to daily Mass 

 When I was in high school, one summer I went on a week long trip with my church. There was great music and messages, we stayed up way too late building good friendships, and had powerful moments ... Read More »

Bulletin Article 7/14/19

Posted by Liz Lefeber

Dear Parishioners,

 It’s been a delight to get to know you these first few weeks.  As I’m settling in at the rectory and getting the rhythm of parish life, it feels like driving a new car. I’ve been a priest for three years but now everything is in a ... Read More »