Bulletin Article 7/28/19

Introducing our Coordinator of Faith Formation and Parish Discipleship: Cassandra Kowaleski

In spring, after I learned that I would be coming to Saint Denis and Saint Patrick this summer, one of the early surprises I encountered was the news that Deacon Ken planned to let your former faith formation coordinator go, and leave the position open for me to fill. On one hand I was excited to have the chance to find someone to hire who I believe I would work well with, but on the other hand I was nervous not knowing what type of person would work well with you, the parishioners of St. Denis & St. Patrick.In May I met with the parish council’s and finance council’s from both parishes to introduce myself. One of the conversations that we had that night was about the open position. I described the type of person that I believed I would work well with and got some great feedback from the parish’s leadership about who they saw fitting in well here. We posted the job opening, and I had I initial conversations with about 10 people who showed interest. I invited the top two candidates to come in for in-person interviews in June. I was very pleased with how the next pieces came together! Since I had not had the chance to get to know people here yet, I asked Deacon Ken for suggestions on who to include on an interview team. He did an excellent job and found four people that hit all a significant variety of important categories, including Saint Denis and Saint Patrick parishioners, trustee, finance council, parish council, parents, catechists, & teacher. We prayed that God make it abundantly clear who to hire. After two thorough interviews and discussing the candidates, the interview team unanimously agreed that we should offer the job position to Cassandra Kowaleski.I am excited for you to have the chance to meet and work with her. She is a faithful disciple of Jesus and has a passion for helping others learn the faith. She also has experience coaching basketball. I’ve had the chance to see her work in retreat and small group settings, and am excited for the possibilities that she provides St. Denis & St. Patrick. Not only will Cassandra be able to help impact the faith of the children of our parishes, but she also has experience helping adults and families grow in their faith. As we work together to form faith filled families, I believe and trust that Cassandra is someone who can help each of us encounter Jesus in a real and vital way. In July and August Cassandra is working part time as she wraps up her work at St. Mary in Crivitz. She will begin full-time work in September. Cassandra will be at masses next weekend, August 3 & 4 to introduce herself. I hope you take the opportunity to meet her and welcome her to our parish team.

 Fr. Michael